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7 Wonders : Cities Expansion


The 27 new age cards are new structures, having various effects. There are also 3 new Guilds, 6 new Leaders and 2 new Wonders. This expansion allows to play with 8 players and offers a team game mode.

Cities cards have a black background, and during an age, there are as many Cities cards than the number of players.

These cards are randomly taken from the nine Cities cards per age. The Cities cards in play are unknown. These cards have various effets but there are three major effects : diplomacy which allows to avoid the military conflict at the end of an age, the loss of money for the other players and the copy of scientific symbols from the neighbouring cities during the final scoring.

The 7 Wonders: Cities expansion introduces new City cards to all three Ages of 7 Wonders. These cards bring Embassies, Gambling Dens, Mercenaries, Torture Chambers, and more to your city. They also intensify interactions between players by introducing the mechanics of Diplomacy and Debt, which you can use to sow discord among your opponents or collaborate with them. New leaders may guide your city, from the insane Caligula to the glamorous Berenice. Finally, new Wonder boards featuring the famous Jordanian citadel Petra and the Imperial captial Byzantium join the game, allowing it to accomodate up to eight players.

Contents: Two Wonder boards and accompanying Wonder cards , 27 City cards , Three Guild cards , Six Leader cards , 35 tokens , One score booklet , One rulebook and one help sheet.

7 Wonders is required to play this game
Playtime: 40+ minutes
Players: 2 - 8
Ages: 10+
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