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Duelling card games with a fantastical theme is a crowded space over which Magic the Gathering has long reigned. But of all such games, Ashes is in my opinion the very, very best. Combining cards and dice in a way that actually minimises luck, Ashes has many unique features. A 30-card draw deck offers consistency and a secondary 'conjuration' deck means you'll never lack the ability to summon a unit during a round. You also pick your opening hand of five cards - so there's no fear of drawing a dud hand. And you start every round with 10 dice, which are used as resources to pay for your cards, so there's no worry that you wont be able to play things. Complementing all of this wonderful game design are sumptuous artwork and rich theme. The same artist, Fernanda Suarez, has provided art for every card in this 'core set' and the first 10 expansion decks. Ashes is also one of the most inclusive games I've ever seen. In the core box, there are more female than male characters to choose from and, while Suarez's depictions of female characters are always beautiful, they are not exploitative. Notably, particularly in the expansion decks, you can see that many different nations and cultures have influenced her designs. I can't praise this game enough.

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